Building Your Confidence for Your Upcoming Math Course

No matter your area of study, you will most likely be required to complete at least one math course during your academic journey. Many times math courses can be intimidating for students because it is possible that years have passed since completing a previous math course. Here are four tips to overcome the preconceived challenges … Continue reading Building Your Confidence for Your Upcoming Math Course

Finding Balance by Saying “No”

If you struggle with finding a balance between your academic work and other obligations in your life, you aren’t alone. It can be difficult to find time for everything important to us. While completing my doctoral degree, people suggested I learn to “say no” when asked to take on additional roles or projects. But, I … Continue reading Finding Balance by Saying “No”

Increasing Your Cultural Sensitivity

We live in an increasingly diverse society. At Walden we have the opportunity to interact with students from all over the world. I am a Latina from Puerto Rico. I made a good friend from Bermuda during my master’s program at Walden. As I move forward in my doctoral journey, I continue to interact with … Continue reading Increasing Your Cultural Sensitivity

3 Writing Center Resources that Helped me Complete my Dissertation

Writing my dissertation was the most challenging, yet most rewarding of endeavors. With over a decade of graduate school experience, I have had many opportunities for academic and professional writing. As such, I believed I possessed the necessary skill set required for writing a doctoral dissertation. Unfortunately, a few months in I had a sad … Continue reading 3 Writing Center Resources that Helped me Complete my Dissertation

5 Essential Tips for Email Etiquette

Email has easily become one of the quickest ways to communicate, especially in online learning environments, where most forms of communication are virtual. Even so, communicating with staff and faculty can be daunting for students new to the online setting. Having the confidence to reach out ensuring the intention and tone don't get lost when … Continue reading 5 Essential Tips for Email Etiquette