Academic Skills Center Tutor Successes

Academic Skills Center Tutor Successes

Author: Dr. Zin Htway

zin1The staff tutors at the Academic Skills Center (ASC) take great pride in helping Walden University students. Whether they are completing coursework or their dissertation, there are tutors to assist Walden students with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Statistics, Biostatistics, Accounting, and Finance.

Tutoring appointments in the ASC are made on a first-come, first-served basis. They are 60 minutes in length and a Walden student can make up to two appointments per week. Our tutors are made up of part time Instructional Specialists and Graduate Assistants, many of whom graduate from Walden or are currently enrolled in a Walden program.

Below are the success stories of two recent Walden PhD graduates who completed their dissertations with help from the ASC’s Dissertation Tutors and ASC resources: Dr. Tamar Boyd and Dr. John Ojih.

Dr. Tamar Boyd completed her dissertation, Autonomy, Competence, Relatedness, and Personal Growth Initiative Among Postpartum Women in 2016.

To test her first hypothesis, Dr. Boyd applied a standard multiple regression analysis to determine if autonomy, competence, and relatedness to others are predictors of PGI in both groups of postpartum women. To test her second hypothesis, Dr. Boyd applied four independent-samples t tests to analyze autonomy, competence, and relatedness fulfillment, and PGI means between the two groups.

The Academic Skills Center tutors were there to help Dr. Boyd be successful in testing her hypotheses with both live and static resources, such as one-on-one tutoring, webinars, and key concept resources.

Dr. John Ojih, completed his dissertation, Risk Factors for Hypertension among African-born Immigrants in the United States in 2016.

zin-webinar-ascTo test his research questions, Dr. Ojih applied descriptive and inferential statistics analyses using binary (also known as binomial) logistic regression method.

Dr. Tamar Boyd and Dr. John Ojih are two of the many Walden students who have sought assistance from the Academic Skills Center and successfully completed their dissertation journeys. We hope you are able to find the help with the skills you need to succeed in the Academic Skills Center.

Contact ASCTutoring-ASC.jpg

Many of our webinars and resources are directly related to speaking with WaldenU students on a particular topic, such as Dr. Ojih. We encourage you to contact the ASC Tutors with questions, comments, and suggestions at

Dr. Zin Htway completed his PhD from Walden University in December 2014. His course of study was Public Health, Epidemiology. His background is in Pathology and Cytopathology, and he is currently the Supervisor and Operations Manager of an Anatomic Pathology laboratory, and Hazmat Safety Officer at a local hospital.

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