Success Tips for the Course on Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis

Success Tips for the Course on Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis

Author: Michael Mba, Graduate Assistant, Statistics

MichaelMba-ASCOne of the compulsory courses for graduate studies at Walden University is RSCH Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis. Students often tend to avoid the course due to their perceived fear that it involves a lot of numbers and calculations. Some willingly conclude that they can only cope with the qualitative research course and pretend that they don’t need the quantitative part.

This attitude stems from the myth that it is often difficult to understand anything that involves math and numbers.

Improve your math skills 2However, everything in life revolves around numbers and calculations, starting from age computation using our date of birth to understanding our monthly payslip deductions. Therefore, expect numbers and calculations in your scholarly journey.

Here are some useful tips for a smooth journey in a quantitative class.

Tip 1: Approach the class with a “can-do spirit.” Do not start the course with the fear of failure. Otherwise, you will fail.

Tip 2:  Don’t use your previous experience in math-related courses to judge your ability to cope with the quantitative course; after all, you are no longer the same person. Your thinking capacity has improved.

Tip 3:  Seek help early in the course weeks from Academic Skills Center tutors. Don’t wait until you are struggling with your weekly grades before looking for help. Laying a good foundation in the first three weeks of the course is the best way to start.

Tip 4:  Love the numbers and formulas. That’s what drives life. You will always meet them in your research.

Tip 5:  Use life examples and applications to understand the concepts. Do not memorize the formulas or concepts; they are more useful if you can’t interpret them. It helps you to conceptualize your research interest around the statistical tests.

For more information on quantitative research, visit the Academic Skills Center’s website for tutoring help, support resources, and more. Also, make sure to visit the Center for Research Quality’s website for Quantitative Methodology office hours, research resources, and more!


Michael Mba graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka with a bachelor’s degree in Statistics and a Master’s degree in Electronic Engineering. He enjoys working on statistics with SPSS, econometrics with Eviews, and data analysis with Microsoft Excel. He is currently enrolled in the PhD Public Policy and Administration program at Walden University.

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