Staying on Track During COVID-19: We're Here to Help

First, a bit about who I am. I am a former Walden student and current Walden staff member living in Washington state, one of the first states hit with COVID-19. And, as I am writing this, Wednesday, March 18, I am sick. I have all the symptoms associated with COVID-19 and I’ve been self-quarantined for … Continue reading Staying on Track During COVID-19: We're Here to Help

Getting the Most out of Your Virtual Residency

As COVID-19 continues to impact the daily lives of everyone, you may have received information that a residency you were planning to attend has been changed to a virtual setting. This might leave you wondering what this experience will be like and how you can prepare. First, it’s important to know the virtual residency experience … Continue reading Getting the Most out of Your Virtual Residency

Completing my Doctoral Capstone

I graduated with a PhD in Psychology with a focus on Educational Psychology from Walden in 2017. I suppose I’ll start by answering the most common question I get from current students: how long did it take me to complete my dissertation? The answer: I was in the dissertation shell for nine terms. When I … Continue reading Completing my Doctoral Capstone

Critical Reading for Evaluation

This post is a continuation of Hillary's previous post: Critical Reading for Analysis and Comparison. Whereas analysis involves noticing, evaluation requires the reader to make a judgment about the text’s strengths and weaknesses. Many students are not confident in their ability to assess what they are reading. It is important to remember, though, that even … Continue reading Critical Reading for Evaluation

Critical Reading for Analysis and Comparison

Critical reading generally refers to reading in a scholarly context, with an eye toward identifying a text or author's viewpoints, arguments, evidence, potential biases, and conclusions. Critical reading means evaluating what you have read using your knowledge as a scholar. You may look at the quality of the writing, the quality of the research, and the persuasiveness … Continue reading Critical Reading for Analysis and Comparison