Episode Notes

Episode 7, Dena Easton

  • Coming Soon!

Episode 6, Part 2, Christy Fraenza

Episode 6, Part 1, Val Krage

Episode 5, Shawna Burtis

  • Shawna mentioned the ASC’s student tip of the week. Walden students can contribute a tip we will share with other students by emailing us at: academicskills@mail.waldenu.edu.
  • Shawna and Shawn mentioned the SpringShare program, Libguides. Libguides is a content manager for many of Walden University’s student facing websites, including The Academic Skills Center. Find more about Libguides here: https://www.springshare.com/libguides/.
  • Shawn mentioned Walden University’s Military Services department. More information about them can be found on their website: http://academicguides.waldenu.edu/militaryservices/.

Episode 4, Hillary Wentworth

Episode 3, Dr. Patrick Dunn

Episode 2, Dr. Zin Htway

Episode 1, Dr. Sarah Inkpen