Balancing Quarantine Fatigue and Wellness

Living in Minnesota, our shelter in place order was issued on Friday, March 27th. As I am writing this, I had to double check my math, has it really, only been 5 weeks? My concept of time has shifted. I feel as though I have been at home for months on end, not 5 weeks. … Continue reading Balancing Quarantine Fatigue and Wellness

Staying on Track During COVID-19: We're Here to Help

First, a bit about who I am. I am a former Walden student and current Walden staff member living in Washington state, one of the first states hit with COVID-19. And, as I am writing this, Wednesday, March 18, I am sick. I have all the symptoms associated with COVID-19 and I’ve been self-quarantined for … Continue reading Staying on Track During COVID-19: We're Here to Help

Critical Reading for Evaluation

This post is a continuation of Hillary's previous post: Critical Reading for Analysis and Comparison. Whereas analysis involves noticing, evaluation requires the reader to make a judgment about the text’s strengths and weaknesses. Many students are not confident in their ability to assess what they are reading. It is important to remember, though, that even … Continue reading Critical Reading for Evaluation

Critical Reading for Analysis and Comparison

Critical reading generally refers to reading in a scholarly context, with an eye toward identifying a text or author's viewpoints, arguments, evidence, potential biases, and conclusions. Critical reading means evaluating what you have read using your knowledge as a scholar. You may look at the quality of the writing, the quality of the research, and the persuasiveness … Continue reading Critical Reading for Analysis and Comparison

Building Your Confidence for Your Upcoming Math Course

No matter your area of study, you will most likely be required to complete at least one math course during your academic journey. Many times math courses can be intimidating for students because it is possible that years have passed since completing a previous math course. Here are four tips to overcome the preconceived challenges … Continue reading Building Your Confidence for Your Upcoming Math Course